A little about my coaching:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing people succeed!!! I’m also a firm believer that every actor needs a good coach (I have a coach!), and I began working with other actors on audition skills and acting technique in 1997 when I was a company member of the 13th Street Repertory in New York City. I was getting booked regularly in commercials and theatre, and my peers were curious about my “secrets” and “tricks.”  Since then, I have always had a very small group of clients with whom I’d regularly work, from college students to series regulars.  As an actor, casting intern, reader, director, and occasional producer – I have sat in on HUNDREDS of auditions and I know what works and what doesn’t.  Through the years I have helped dozens of actors book the roles that they were meant to play!

Though my approach is direct and straight-forward, it is positive and engaging. In fact, I have a strict NO NEGATIVITY rule in my sessions. So much of what we do in on-going private session is about your mindset, positivity, dismantling toxic thinking, and really learning what it is to show up and deliver on brand.  Whether it’s a non-union commercial audition, agent interview, network test, or if you’re just starting out and need some direction – we are going to prepare you with all the tools that ensure your SUCCESS.

To schedule a consultation or audition coaching session,
please call or email me at:
323.736.0858  /  douglas@douglasscottsorenson.com
Or you can simply fill out THIS FORM.


On-going Private Coaching- Please contact for rates and availability
We dive deep into your life, your actor training, and scene work to discover your unique voice and perspective, and how that translates into authentic performance.  Heavy mindset work and and goal setting in every session.
Interview required.

Consultations:  $100 – 60 Minutes
We dive into ALL of your publicity materials to ensure that they are representing YOUR brand.   Headshots, resume, website, demo reels, social media accounts, as well as your online actor profiles (Actors Access, LA Casting, Casting Frontier) are examined so that everything special about YOU is coming through loud and clear.  We’ll also come up with several action items that will help you maximize your chances to get in front of the people you need to know!

Consultations Plus Branding:  $225 – 2 1/2  Hours
Everything above, but much more in-depth…and this one involves homework before we meet as well as some handy pdf worksheets!!  I know the idea of ‘branding’ is giving you the heebie jeebies, but in reality, you’ve been branded from your very first headshot.  Together, we will get SPECIFIC about how the industry sees you and how to best market to people you desire to work with .  We’re gonna talk goals, targets, blocks, celebrities, colors, textures, photographers, and more!  We’ll probably even dismantle a career block or two in the session ;-).  It’s one of my favorite things to do and the amount of work we’ll get done is INSANE!!

Audition Coaching: $50 -30 Minutes $75 – 60 Minutes*
Commercials, Theatre, Film, TV
This is pretty straight forward, right?  You have a specific audition and we’ll make it rock!

*Recording and editing services are available for and additional $25